In the third semester of my fashion design studies, I realized how underrepresented plus-size fashion and diversity are in the fashion industry. Knowing the challenges of finding something in my size range in the fashion world, I decided to solve this problem. The idea for my brand TO ACT BRAND was born – after all, it would be a shame if I was unable to wear my own fashion because it’s only available in smaller sizes.
Out of this impulse, I followed the call to freedom directly after my studies and various internships, and from this made myself Independent. And I love it!

A special milestone for me in my career so far was in 2018, winning the “Young Designer Award” at the Diversity Fashion Day in Hamburg. A great honour for me and a sign that I am on the right track! I strongly believe fashion should be for everyone! I want to make it possible for people to underline their true luminosity and express their colourful, radiant and creative side with my Fashion.

This year, not only did I decide to take TO ACT BRAND to the next level, but I also made an important private and professional decision: my move to London. Besides fashion, London is my great love. A city that provides me with the right impulses for my creativity and where I can live my life freely. Moreover, the move will be pretty easy, since I have – for a fashion designer – quite a small wardrobe. ☺ even my husband has more clothes than me!

Here I feel like a celebrity

Glitter is never too much

I am especially proud of my plus size model support like Tanja fromKurvenrausch (here on the right)

Here I feel like a celebrity

I am especially proud of my plus size model support like Tanja from Kurvenrausch (here on the right)

Glitter is never too much


The dream is that people all over the world wear and enjoy my fashion. That’s why I work night shifts, draw until my head is spinning, and squeal like a child every time one of my samples arrives.

Since mid-2021 my label TO ACT BRAND shines in a new look. The logo and colours have changed, they have matured, and I with them. In January 2022 I’m launching my first big collection, and I’m insanely excited and I am looking forward to it! I’m ready for whatever is coming! And it’s going to be big!

TO ACT BRAND summer collection 2022 TRUE LUMINOSITY – from 16th May available on our online store

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